There are certain problems which arises during conventional storage of onion viz. loss in weight, sprouting and rotting of bulb. To overcome these losses onion must be stored in scientific manner and its prices.

MSAMB with the help of NABARD and National Research Centre for Onion and Garlic, Rajgurunagar has developed revised plan for scientific onion storage (Kanda chawl) to promote onion producers for scientific onion storage. The onion storage as per this plan will minimize the storage losses and quality deterioration of the onion which will in turn help the farmers to fetch better prices for their produce. To encourage the farmers for setting up of scientific onion storage systems, MSAMB has formulated the subsidy scheme for scientific onion storage.

Under National Agriculture Development Project Govt. of India, MSAMB has submitted a proposal for implementing the subsidy scheme for scientific onion storage. To get benefit of this scheme farmer should erect onion storage structure according to proposed plan only. The construction cost of the onion storage structure is assumed at Rs. 6000/- per MT for this scheme. As per the scheme, subsidy 25% of the construction cost or to the extent of Rs.1500/- per MT storage capacity. The onion storage structure of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 50 MT capacity are eligible for subsidy. Under National Agriculture Development Project MSAMB will give Rs.1500/-subsidy for above mentioned capacity of onion storage. The scientific drawing on modern lines and cost estimates for onion storage structures are available at free of cost with Head Office, Divisional Offices of MSAMB and District Deputy Regisrar, Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Societies & Agriculture Produce Market Committee.


The main beneficiaries of this scheme implemented by MSAMB are farmers, Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Onion Growers Co-op Soc., and Marketing Socs.


Cooperative Department of Maharashtra State is going to implement this scheme for onion storage structure of 5, 10, 15, 20. 25 & 50 MT capacity of onion storage structure. Farmers who want to construct 5, 10, 15, 20. 25 & 50 MT capacity onion storage structure should submit their application in the office of Assistant Registar Cooperative Soc. Office after the completion of onion storage structure in priscribe format. Representative of Marketing Board and Assistant Registrar Co-operative society will inspect the received proposals and inspect the onion storage structure. The Joint Committee of the representative of Marketing Board and Asst. Registar will recommend the subsidy for those farmer who have completed onion storage structure work as per reccomended norms. Then the committee under District Deputy Registar will recommend the proposal to MSAMB with Joint inspection report of representative of Marketing Board & Asst. Registar co-operative society. The MSAMB will grant Ts. 1500/- per M.T. subsidy to the these beneficiries.


The proposals of subsidy for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 50 MT capacity onion storage structures Rs. 1500/- per MT will be granted. The subsidy amount will deposited in the certain bank by cheque for those who have borrowed money from that bank for construction of the structure. The beneficiaries who have constructed the structure with their own money will get the subsidy amount by cheque, which will be sent by Register Post as per the address mentioned in the application form of the beneficiries

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